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On-Going Projects

Stony Run

The opening of the two bridges that cross the Stony Run Stream created the continuous 3.5 mile path that which was envisioned by neighbors going back to 2002. In 2017 the bridges were completed. Uncompleted projects include: planting and caring for new trees on hillside by University Parkway and Linkwood, maintaining the TCNA garden by large bridge on Linkwood, replacing aging benches, raising money for additional plantings and maintenance in the park.

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Calvert School

The 2.8 acre parcel of land in the 200-300 block of Tuscany Road was sold to Calvert School in July 2018.  The Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association, along with the condo associations who are in the Tuscany / Ridgemede area, negotiated amendments to the existing covenant that are in place with Calvert School until 2038. This project documents what happened with this property from August 2017 until the present time.

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