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Update May 2022


If you do not have a permit, you should get one NOW.  Tickets are being given to anyone who does not have a current permit OR an expired permit.


Baltimore City Parking Authority Renewal Process for Residential Parking Permits

  • Renewals will begin on June 1, 2022 for the Tuscany-Canterbury area. The website will not accept renewals prior to this date.
  • Postcards will be dropped in the mail and emails will be sent on May 23, 2022 to those who have a permit – current or expired.
  • Permit renewals can be paid by mail, in person, or online.

During the renewal Process you MUST SELECT an option to pick up  the permits and decals in-person or receive them by mail. NOTE: If you select “pick-up” you cannot change your mind at a later date  and ask for your permit to be mailed.

ALERT: If a resident cannot upload documents, then they will have to complete their renewal in person at the office. The online system will not allow them to skip the upload. Some residents were able to get a younger family member or neighbor to help them complete the online process.  We also have had representatives come on their behalf. The person will just need a copy or picture of their documents.

BY MAIL. To receive your decal/permit in the MAIL (NEW OPTION) there are additional shipping fees:  $3.75 for decals and $4.25 for visitor permits. Permits will not be mailed unless payment and the appropriate documentation is uploaded online.

PICK-UP. Pick-up means at the Parking Authority OR at the Neighborhood Pick-up.

  • In all cases of in person pick-up you must show your current vehicle registration with a residential permit parking-eligible address.
  • Parking authority pick-up   200 West Lombard st., 21201.  M-F 8:30-4:30 tel 443-573-2800 ext 819 or 863
  • Neighborhood pick-up June 15th 6-9 pm Calvert Middle School cafeteria
  • You can pick up permits on a friend/ neighbor’s behalf, but you must have a copy of their identification as well.


The TCNA representative will collect paid-for neighborhood permits from the Parking Authority and make them available on Wednesday, June 15 between 6pm and 9pm during the TCNA picnic, general meeting and social after the meeting.   All the events will be in the Calvert Middle School Cafeteria area at 4300 North Charles Street. There is only one neighborhood pick-up this year.

For questions about permits in general CLICK HERE for Parking Authority

To purchase permits CLICK HERE

For questions about Tuscany Canterbury pick-up CLICK HERE


COVID-19 Updates to Residential Permit Parking

Parking Enforcement has Resumed for Residential Permit Parking

Existing permits issued after 2020 will be honored until June 2022.  You can renew permits online within 1 month of expiration date.  Permits are being issued to new residents and for new vehicles

Residents who qualify can apply for a new permit online at
Residents who have questions about eligibility should go to

More Information

For more information, please visit the Parking Authority of Baltimore City website.

Get documentation requirements and information about purchasing or picking up permits at the Parking Authority.