Neighborhood Association

Board Members

TCNA has two membership meetings a year, one in November and the other in June (second Wednesdays at 7:00 with a social following the meeting), at the Calvert School Middle School building. Members and non-members are welcome. Resident Parking Permits are distributed from 6:00-7:00 prior to the June meeting.

Board meetings are held 6 times a year in July, September, November, January, March, and May (first Wednesday of the month at 7:00). Meetings are held at the Broadview Apartments (105 W 39th Street at the lower level Game Room). All are welcome. A comment time is provided at the end of the meeting for comments and thoughts.

2018-2019 Officers

  • Co-PresidentsLinda Eberhart (Tuscany Rd)
  • Co-PresidentsAnne Perkins (Tuscany Rd)
  • Vice-President – Garth Thompson (Ridgemede Rd)
  • Secretary – Ron Shultz (Linkwood Rd)
  • Treasurer – Bill Bass (Cloverhill Rd)
  • Past President – Sue Talbott (Charles St)

2018-2019 Board Members

  • Vice-Chair Streets & Greens – Gretchen Anderson (Cloverhill Rd)
  • Co-chair Communications – Dave Baker (Stony Run Lane)
  • Co-chair Events and Membership – Ann Christopher (Tuscany Ct)
  • 100th Anniversary & Calvert School Liaison Committees; Representative to North Baltimore Community Coalition – Julia Frazier (Canterbury Rd)
  • Crime & Safety Committee & Representatives to Northern District Police Community Council – Maria & Paul Gallo (Tuscany Court)
  • Co-Chair Events and Membership – Hannah Mazo (Ridgemede Rd)
  • Coordinator of First Friday – Rosalyn Mansouri (Charles St)
  • Website Manager – Mona Mohamed (Charles St)
  • Chair, Calvert School Liaison Committee – Brooke Murdock (Stony Run Lane)
  • Coordinator with Condo Associations – Jo-Ann Orlinsky (Charles St)
  • Co-chair Communications – Steve Summers (Ridgemede Rd)
  • Co-chair Streets and Greens – Chris Whitaker (Tuscany Rd)

2018-2019 Neighborhood Committees

Please contact any of the committees via our new emails to volunteer or to offer ideas and thoughts or to write the Co-Presidents, Linda Eberhart and Anne Perkins

Calvert School Liaison Committee

This committee meets with the Calvert School Headmaster four times yearly to discuss neighborhood issues. This committee has representatives from areas surrounding Calvert School.


Website management, E-newsletters, email communications, lit drop notices and delivery of flyers to condos and apartment buildings

Events & Membership

TCNA sponsors an annual picnic for all neighbors, organizes the First Friday Happy Hours, hosts socials after the membership meetings, develops ways to welcome new residents in the area, and –new for this year — will plan 100th Year Celebration of our neighborhood. This committee also encourages residents to join TCNA.

100th Anniversary Celebration: The committee is planning activities to learn more about the history of the neighborhood and activities to meet neighbors and have fun!

Safety Committee and Neighborhood Watch

Alert neighbors about ways to maintain a safe enighborhood, monitor crime issues in the area, or become a neighborhood watch volunteer

Streets and Greens

This active committee maintains our 3 neighborhood gardens, is developing a comprehensive plan for improvements for Stony Run Park, works with the City on snow renewal on streets (not alleys or sidewalks), and will be developing a plan to maintain our street trees. The committee also works jointly with the Broadview Apartments on the 39th Street traffic-calming plan.

Woods Committee

is no longer active because it accomplished the goal of monitoring the sale of the Tuscany Woods. Our neighborhood reached an agreement with Calvert School in April 2018. (See website for complete agreement).

Previous Years

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