Neighborhood Association

Snow Plan

What to Do If Your City Street is Not Done

If you DO NOT see a snowplow or salt truck on your street within the first 12 hours of when the snow starts, CALL 311 and let them know that your street has not been treated or plowed.  Be sure to record the confirmation number.

After you get a confirmation number:

  • Contact Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke’s office (410-396-4814) or email her at with your name, street and the 311 confirmation number.  Mary Pat will follow up with the Snow Call Center.
  • Email TCNA Street and Greens Committee and give your name, street, and the 311 confirmation number.  We will track the issue or any concerns you have.  We also like to hear when the City is doing a good job.

Baltimore City Snow Plan for the Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood

Tuscany-Canterbury streets are divided into primary and secondary streets. The main difference is that primary streets are treated by city employees using 5-ton trucks.  Secondary streets are treated by contractors using various sizes of smaller trucks.

Primary Streets

  • 39th Street
  • Charles Street
  • Canterbury Road
  • Linkwood Road
  • Tuscany Road
  • University Parkway

Secondary Streets

  • Cloverhill Road
  • Highfield Road
  • Ridgemede Road
  • Stony Run Lane
  • Stoneyford Road

Streets Not Plowed by Baltimore City

  • Tuscany Court


The TCNA has requested that the large plows not plow snow in the entrance to Tuscany Court and in the intersection of 39th and Stony Run Lane.   If these intersections are plowed shut, TCNA has requested that smaller plows come back open them again.

The snow treatment of primary and secondary streets begins at the same time.

The city’s goal is to complete primary routes once every two hours and secondary routes once every four hours. Variables affecting this goal are weather conditions, street conditions, the amount of snow, and the time required to replenish salt supplies from city salt barns. Routes are repeated until streets are passable.

Residents’ Responsibilities

  • Shovel your sidewalk
  • Do NOT put snow in the street when you shovel your sidewalk or clear your car
  • Park as close to the curb as possible during snow storms so that the plows can get through
  • Remove snow from storm drains (so that streets don’t flood).