BGE and Water Issues

BGE Gas Regulators:


Public Service Commission Hearing: August 15

Circuit Court Hearing Rescheduled:September 5


BGE’s 2024-2026 Multi-Year Plan This plan includes major investments that will also begin to lay the foundation for the infrastructure work necessary for the State of Maryland to be able to meet its net-zero emissions by 2045 goal.

This investment also includes:

  • To relocate more than 11,000 gas regulators over the next 9 years, BGE estimates it cost about $105 million in capital costs alone.
  • BGE has proposed a $243.1 million rate increase in 2024, a $180.3 million increase in 2025, and a $179 million increase in 2026.

Latest on the gas regulator issues and neighborhood action

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Water Main Breaks at Stoney Ford and Linkwood

Status of Long-Term Solution

The issue 4 water main breaks in 4 months) has been sent to the City’s engineering department for long term recommendations.

Then the proposal must go to the Board of Estimates for approval before any long term work is done on the water line.

Once the water line is permanently repaired, then the Stoney Ford Road will be fixed.

TCNA and Councilwoman Ramos will continue to monitor this problem that affects 250 households.


If you have no water or low water, pressure call 311 immediately. Let TCNA know the confirmation number so we can also follow-up on the problem.