Zoom meeting with Johns Hopkins re Early Learning Center

Wednesday, April 24, 6:00 PM Zoom Meeting with JHU about its Early Learning Center, University Parkway CLICK HERE TO CONNECT TO ZOOM MEETING https://jh.zoom.us/j/96771461427?pwd=eXFUOWdpNThLUGpZcTVlTzZRTkpydz09 Meeting ID: 967 7146 1427 Passcode: 028499 Use CHAT to ask questions during the meeting.

Stony Run Soiree

Fundraiser for the Friends of Stony Run. See TCNA March Newsletter for more details

Johns Hopkins Spring Fair

Johns Hopkins

Food/drink, arts, market place, games and activities.  Will kick off Thursday with a short fireworks display at about 9:30pm MORE INFO  

TCNA Board Meeting May 16 7pm

Broadview Apartments

Topics will include Priorities and budget for 2024-2025 Recommendations for daily parking at The Social Update about dead trees in Tuscany-Canterbury and Linkwood Park Plans for TCNA General Meeting on June 12, 2024 Progress on the 39th Street Calming Plan