Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

Calvert lower school new construction

NEW: Two-Story Addition Behind Lower School
Calvert School has informed TCNA of their plans to construct a 2 story addition on the rear of the lower school. The footprint will be on their current property that has been used as an asphalt playground for the lower school. The two added classrooms are for music and science and will not be visible from Tuscany Road. There is no enrollment increase intended for the expansion of the classrooms.

Access to the property is located on a current driveway from Canterbury Road. The preliminary image is attached yet no definitive plans are finalized. TCNA will be updated routinely with a one month look ahead of the work. The TCNA Liaison Committee will communicate neighborhood concerns and expect Calvert School to abide by all city ordinances.

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The NEW Hopkins Market

Hopkins Market MOU December 15, 2022
Hours of the liquor license for the restaurant
6AM to 12AM Sunday - Thursday
6AM to 12AM Friday & Saturday and a few holidays

Hours for the sale of liquor from the package good area
9AM - 11PM Sunday - Thursday
9AM - 12AM Friday & Saturday and a few holidays
In addition to the hours of operation, the MOU contains language about:
Delivery of alcohol
Deliveries to the establishment
Delivery by establishment to customers
Management of outside delivery services
Customer parking
Noise and disturbances by customers
Outside seating
Complete MOU will be posted here by January 2023

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New Trees for the Neighborhood

Baltimore, MD, September 22, 2017 - While most urban communities throughout the U.S. are losing tree canopy cover due to a wide variety of threats – including insects, disease, and storms – Baltimore is bucking the trend. Between 2007 to 2015, the City of Baltimore saw a small increase in its urban tree canopy cover.

Data analyzed by the U.S. Forest Service in collaboration with the City of Baltimore and the University of Vermont show that the city’s urban tree canopy inched up from 27 percent to 28 percent between 2007 and 2015. Tree canopy is the extent of the outer layers of leaves, or canopy, of a tree or group of trees. Percentage of tree canopy cover measures the portion of an area that has tree coverage when viewed or measured from above. While the increase in tree canopy is not dramatic, it is a meaningful step in the right direction, according to Morgan Grove, a research forester and team leader in the Forest Service’s Baltimore Field Station.
TCNA continually works to increase tree cover in the neighborhood. See below for recent tree plantings...

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Tuscany oval in flower

Neighborhood Garden Projects

The TCNA designs plants and maintains four neighborhood gardens: the Tuscany Oval (intersection of Tuscany and Ridgemede); the garden at 39th and Canterbury; the Garden at the Stony Run Bridge (at Linkwood and Stoney Run rd), and the Ridgemede Elbow Garden (at the right angle bend on Ridgemede rd).

TCNA member Charles Brenton, Professional Landscape Architect has been working with the Greens Committee and advising us on ways we can improve our gardens.

Last season we performed our routine weeding and mulching of all 4 of our neighborhood gardens: the Garden at 39thSt, the Tuscany Oval, the Ridgemede Elbow and the Garden at the approach to the Stony Run Bridge. We continued to hire Jenna Sylvester to do the weeding both last spring and this spring. Chris Whitaker was our champion in purchasing and delivering the mulch.

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Calvert School Athletic center plan

Calvert School Conservation Easement Plan

The shaded area on the drawing above shows the Forest Conservation Easement area. This area is 1.4 acres of the 2.7 acres that were purchased by Calvert School in 2018. The agreed upon TCNA/Calvert buffer zone remains, plus additional land was included in the Forest Conservation Easement. This easement permanently runs with the land and was approved by the Baltimore City Planning Commission on June 26, 2021

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Pauli Murray

Pauli Murray Statue in Bishop’s Square Park

TCNA continues to be active in caring for our neighborhood’s public spaces. In Bishop’s Park, located at the corners of N. Charles Street, University Parkway, and Bishop’s Road, one can see the pedestal that once held the Confederate Women's Monument. It was removed, along with 3 other Confederate statues in Baltimore City in 2018.

June 2021. the TCNA was approached by the Union of Black Episcopalians to consider giving neighborhood support for erecting a statue in Bishop’s Square, commemorating The Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray.

May 2022. In the next stage of the process, Mr Eric Holcomb of the Baltimore City Planning Department is looking into the approval process for the statue.

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39th St Traffic calming plan

39th Street Traffic Calming

Did you know that ...
- Over 1,000 people cross 39th Street, west of Canterbury, on any given day. At the busiest times, over 200 may cross in a single hour.
- Approximately 8,000 cars pass through this portion of 39th Street on any given day.
- TCNA and the Broadview worked together to put the patio, tables, and chairs in the 39th St. median for area residents and visitors to use.

Planned landscaping and streetscape improvements on 39th Street from University Parkway to Canterbury Road include traffic calming.
The project is scheduled to take place in four phases:
2017: Phase 1 (complete). The Broadview has an MOU with the city to provide plantings and maintain them on the median between Stony Run and University Parkway.
2019: Phase 2: (complete) paved area constructed and tables provided by the Broadway for the community to use.
2022: Phase 3: (current phase) A traffic calming plan has been submitted to the Baltimore City transportation department to include speed 'tables', street markings, crosswalks and bump outs between University Parkway and the Canterbury Rd roundabout.

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University Parkway 2022

University Parkway

Updates about Plans for University Parkway

The long-term vision is a precursor to a more substantial capital project that will allow us to rebuild University Parkway using more durable, environmentally-conscious, and aesthetically-pleasing materials. We’ll keep what we like, change what we don’t like, and transform University Parkway into a safer, quieter, and greener community amenity that forms a better transition from Tuscany-Canterbury into the JHU Homewood Campus.

This month (March 2022), the big news was the release of the city’s long-awaited plans for resurfacing University Parkway from Charles Street to the 39th Street/San Martin Drive intersection.

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Stony Run Plan staging map

Stony Run

In 2017 the bridges were completed that cross the Stony Run Stream. This was a major step in the creation of a continuous 3.5 mile path envisioned by neighbors going back to 2002. The final piece for this phase of the plan is to connect the 2 bridges with a new walking path. Further details (most recent on top) can be found below. Other uncompleted projects include: planting and caring for new trees on hillside by University Parkway and Linkwood, maintaining the TCNA garden by large bridge on Linkwood, replacing aging benches, raising money for additional plantings and maintenance in the park.

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Calvert Athletic Center graphic

Calvert School Athletic Center and Field

2018: Purchase of property along Tuscany road following TCNA approval of purchase
2021: Revised development plan to build an athletic center and field.
2021: Permanent forest conservation easement area approved by Baltimore City.
2021: Preconstruction work started
2022: Calvert and Tuscany Project Committee worked to resolve noise and visibility issues. Completion expected Fall 2022.
2022: Cooling tower fence complete, awaiting paint. Agreement reached to replace dead trees.

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