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New Trees for the Neighborhood

TCNA is looking for a volunteer to monitor neighborhood trees and notify the authorities when a tree needs to be removed or replaced.  If you are interested (perhaps you need a reason to take a new route on your walk?) please contact

Bishop's Park aerial trees

New Trees in Bishop's Park

UPDATE BISHOP’S PARK (Northwest corner — University Parkway and Charles Street)

Here’s an update on the Bishop Square planting. Attached is a preliminary plan which has been approved by the city. Thanks goes to The Cathedral of the Incarnation and One Water Partnership who are paying for the trees. It works out to be 27 trees. The date of the planting is up in the air right now but will probably be a weekday in late October or early November.

The project includes both small and large trees. Large would be a typical large canopy street tree, such as oaks, elms etc.,  and small would be a tree that would top out eventually at 25-40 feet and smaller spread. Small trees such as hawthorns and serviceberries would be placed behind the monument and along University to avoid impacting street lights.

Watering Trees from Stony Run 2023

New trees for Linkwood 2021