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Green Spaces & Gardens

Map of complete Stony Run walking path

The Stony Run Trail

The dream…. the creation of a continuous walking path along Stony Run

Many residents of Tuscany-Canterbury love to walk or run in the neighborhood. Of particular interest is the trail along the Stony Run Walking Path.

Today the path runs three continuous miles from the area near the Stieff Silver Factory (just north of 29th Street). It runs North through Wyman Park, then through Linkwood Park in Tuscany-Canterbury, across Cold Spring Lane and into Roland Park as far as Northern Parkway.

The walking path follows the old Ma & Pa Railroad bed where possible and connects a number of fragmented trails that currently run along the stream. The construction of two bridges in 2017 was the final link. The result is a continuous 3-mile path from the Jones Falls Trail at the Stieff Silver trailhead up to Northern Parkway.

Small Public Gardens

Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association has four small public gardens that are planted and maintained by volunteers.

39th St garden

39th Street and Canterbury Road

The largest of the flowerbeds is near 39th Street and Canterbury Road.  This was created when the roundabout was built and the curve on 39th Street changed.  These changes slowed the traffic which created a more pedestrian friendly area.

Tuscany oval in flower

Tuscany and Ridgemede Triangular Flower Beds

Two of the smaller beds are located within the triangles in the Olmstead-type streets designs on Tuscany and Ridgemede. Frederick Olmstead did not design Tuscany-Canterbury, but he did design the neighborhoods of Roland Park and Guilford. They were built slightly before Tuscany-Canterbury, in the early 1900’s.

The triangles were just plots of grass with a tree in each for decades. Then the Garden Committee adopted both of those plots, and now a variety of native plants grow in each. Tuscany-Canterbury supports the upkeep of these areas, and neighbors pull their hoses across the street to water the gardens throughout the hot summer.

Stoney Ford garden

Stoneyford Road and Linkwood

The last area was created in the Fall of 2018. This garden is located at Stoneyford Road and Linkwood by the large bridge next to the Stony Run path and designed by Jonanna Lazarus, a landscape designer and neighborhood resident. The neighborhood association paid for the work of bringing in boulders and creating the planting areas. This design allows parkland to withstand the dog walkers, bikers, and skateboarders who were making short cuts.

The Median Strip on 39th Street

The median strip has been turned into an inviting green space.  The Broadview Apartments has an agreement with the City to maintain the median.  The first phase turned a third of the median into a beautiful bed of grasses.

The second phase in 2018 created a small sitting area.  The Broadview again paid for the pavers to be placed on a section of the median and for the three small tables and chairs. As a result area is an attraction used by  everyone from university students to seniors through the day and evening.

The third and final phase is to slow the traffic between the roundabout and University Parkway on 39th Street.  Plans have been created and approved by the neighborhood association and are waiting on approval from the City to move forward.

Great Playground in Linkwood Park

Just a block north of Tuscany-Canterbury on Linkwood Road is a playground that was supplemented by funds raised by neighbors in the area.  The playground boosts of activities for small children, such as slides, swings and a small rock climbing wall.  There is also a small public play area for baseball or other fun activities.

Part of Stony Run
walking path
Ball Field
Tuscany woods street view

Tuscany Road

Calvert School bought 2.8 wooded acres of land on Tuscany Road in July 2019. It is not public space but TCNA has an agreement with Calvert School to keep a wooded buffer from Tuscany Road until 2038.

Sherwood gardens

Sherwood Gardens

Another popular destination in the spring and summer months is Sherwood Gardens in Guilford, a short walk from Tuscany-Canterbury. The spring bulbs and shrubs are glorious, and each summer beds of annuals replace them. This beautiful garden is just four blocks east of Charles Street in Tuscany-Canterbury.

Sherwood Gardens is a privately owned community park, originally called Stratford Green. The Park is Olmsted-designed and in the center of a residential community called Guilford located in Northern Baltimore City. Guilford, another Olmsted designed gem, dates back to 1913 and is a Registered Historic District significant for its planning, its architecture, and Sherwood Gardens.

Sherwood Gardens tulips

Sherwood Gardens, famous for its annual tulip display, was created in the 1920’s by John W. Sherwood whose home bordered the Park. Mr. Sherwood indulged his passion for tulips by importing tens of thousands each year for planting tulip beds on his property surrounding the Park. Mr. Sherwood adhered to Olmsted Design Principles by creating a pastoral space with native plants, rare trees and flowering shrubs that were a fitting backdrop for his beloved tulips.

Today Sherwood Gardens remains a wonderland of tulips in the Spring and a summer long festival of annual flowers. Thousands of visitors from around the world come every year to enjoy the visual spectacle envisioned by the Olmsted brothers and John Sherwood. It is worth noting that the ongoing displays are 100% privately funded. Stratford Green, Inc., the non-profit owner of Sherwood Gardens, depends entirely on contributions to fulfill its mission of providing a natural place for recreation for the community and related education.