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Map of complete Stony Run walking path

The Stony Run Trail

The dream…. the creation of a continuous walking path along Stony Run

Many residents of Tuscany-Canterbury love to walk or run along the Stony Run Walking Path.

Today the path runs from the area near the Stieff Silver Factory (just north of 29th Street) runs north through Wyman Park, then through Linkwood Park in Tuscany-Canterbury, across Cold Spring Lane, and into Roland Park as far as Northern Parkway.

The walking path follows the old Ma & Pa Railroad bed where possible and connects several fragmented trails that currently run along the stream. The construction of two bridges in 2017 was the final link. The result is a continuous 4.5 mile path from the Jones Falls Trail at the Stieff Silver trailhead up to Northern Parkway.

Read more about the approved 2022 plans to improve the Stony Run walking path. 

Friends of Stony Run


Four Small Neighborhood Gardens

The TCNA has adopted public spaces and created four neighborhood gardens: the Tuscany Oval(intersection of Tuscany and Ridgemede); the garden at 39th and Canterbury; the Garden at the Stony Run Bridge (at Linkwood and Stoney Ford Road), and the Ridgemede Elbow Garden (at the right angle bend on Ridgemede Road.)

With the help of TCNA  volunteers,  routine weeding and mulching of the 4 of our neighborhood gardens is done on as needed basis. Periodically, the TCNA Greens Committee will replant and refresh the gardens.

Tuscany Oval

Tuscany Oval

In 1928, two small green spaces were located on Tuscany and Ridgemede Roads in the “Olmstead-type streets” designs. [Frederick Olmstead designed Roland Park, Guilford, Homeland but did not design Tuscany-Canterbury.   Olmstead streets were not usually parallel and perpendicular. He wanted neighborhood streets to slow traffic and be inviting for neighbors to use].

Read more about progress with the Tuscany Oval

39th Street Garden

39th and Canterbury

The 39th St Garden is the largest of the 4 small gardens.  One of the major challenges with this garden is lack of water. Nevertheless there have been some successful new plantings over the last 2 years.

Read more about progress with the 39th St Garden


Stoneyford Road and Linkwood

If you haven’t explored the Stony Run, the it’s a great time of the year to walk through the Stony Run path. A special thanks to neighbor and landscape designer, Jonna Lazarus who designed the gardens the large bridge to Wyman Park. More information about the Stony Run path can be found above.

Read more about the Stoney Ford/Linkwood garden

Ridgemede garden

Ridgemede elbow

The Ridgemede garden is the second of two small green spaces that were located on  Tuscany and Ridgemede in 1928.

Read more about progress with the Ridgemede elbow garden

Other Green Spaces in and near our neighborhood

In addition to the small TCNA gardens, the Broadview maintains an area in the median strip on 39th st, Linkwood road has a great playground in addition to the Stony Run walking path, and an area between Tuscany rd and Calvert school has been designated as a forest conservation easement.  Adjacent to Tuscany Canterbury you can also find Bishop’s Square Park, Sherwood Gardens, The BMA Sculpture Garden and Wyman Park

39th and University median

The Median Strip on 39th Street

The median strip has been transformed into an inviting green space.  The Broadview Apartments has an agreement with the City to maintain the median.  The first phase turned a third of the median into a beautiful bed of grasses in 2015.

The second phase in 2018 created a small sitting area.  The Broadview again paid for the pavers to be placed on a section of the median and for the three small tables and chairs. As a result,  this area is used by everyone from university students to seniors through the day and early evening.

The third and revised final phase is to slow the traffic on 39th Street between the roundabout (at Canterbury Road) and University Parkway was approved by the Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood and the Broadview apartments in 2022.  Plans are waiting on approval from the City to move forward (Spring 2023). It will be primary funded by the Broadview with other support from the Hopkins House, the Johns Hopkins University, and the Baltimore City.

Read more on 39th St Traffic Calming

Great Playground in Linkwood Park

Just a block north of Tuscany-Canterbury on Linkwood Road is a playground that was supplemented by funds raised by neighbors in the area.  The playground boasts of activities for small children, such as slides, swings, and a small rock-climbing wall.  There is also a small public play area for baseball and games.

Part of Stony Run
walking path
Ball Field
Deer in Tuscany Woods

Tuscany Road Forest Conservation Easement

Calvert School bought 2.8 wooded acres of land along the 200 block of Tuscany Road in July 2019.  In 2021, Baltimore City required Calvert School to place 1.4 acres is a Forest Conservation Easement.  This easement permanently runs with the land and was approved by the Baltimore City Planning Commission on June 26, 2021.


Bishop's Square Park

Bishop’s Square Park is a small (0.62 acre) park located on the northwest corner of University Parkway and Charles Street.  It is directly west of the Cathedral of the Incarnation (Episcopal Church) and directly north of Johns Hopkins University.

Read more on the history of Bishop’s Square Park and plans for the future statue in honor of Dr. Pauli Murray.

Sherwood Gardens

Another popular destination in the spring and summer months is Sherwood Gardens in Guilford. The spring bulbs and shrubs are glorious, and are replaced each summer with beds of annuals. This beautiful garden is just four blocks east of Charles Street in Tuscany-Canterbury.


Sherwood Gardens is a privately owned community park, originally called Stratford Green. Sherwood Gardens, famous for its annual tulip display, was created in the 1920’s by John W. Sherwood whose home bordered the Park. Mr. Sherwood indulged his passion for tulips by importing tens of thousands each year for planting tulip beds on his property surrounding the Park.

Today Sherwood Gardens remains a wonderland of tulips in the Spring and a summer long festival of annual flowers.


BMA Sculpture Garden

BMA Sculpture Garden

BMA Sculpture Garden, 10 Art Museum Drive, (443) 573-1700

A short walk south of Tuscany-Canterbury is the Baltimore Museum of Art’s Sculpture Garden. It is a great picnic destination among the impressive pieces of art at the Baltimore Museum of Art Sculpture Gardens.

The gardens are free and open to the public year-round every Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., weather permitting. No reservations are required.

Wyman Park 1904

Wyman Park

Wyman Park is directly south of Tuscany-Canterbury. In 1902 the Olmsted brothers described in their Vision for Wyman and the Stony Run Stream Plan for Baltimore,

“There are few spots so near any large city that equal Wyman Park.”

VIDEO about the Olmsted Brothers Vision for Wyman Park in 1902=

Baltimore Heritage Five Minute Histories video on Wyman Park

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