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Pauli Murray Statue in Bishop’s Square Park

Bishop's Square Park

New Statue for Bishop's Square Park

The Pauli Murray Project addressed the TCNA general meeting on November 1stwith a request to support recognition for Dr. Rev. Murray in Bishop’s Park on University Parkway and Charles Street. Approval was granted from the TCNA board with a unanimous supporting vote. While neighborhood support is only one step in a multi-step process of bringing this project to fruition, we are pleased to be part of a discussion of bringing positive improvements to a visible public park in our neighborhood

Pauli Murray

Who is Pauli Murray?

Dr. Murray was a native of Baltimore, a civil and human rights activist, lawyer, educator, author, and the first woman to become an Episcopal priest. Anna Pauline Murray was born in Baltimore in 1910 and throughout her life she campaigned for racial equality, and as a result suffered discrimination and imprisonment.  She was accepted to Harvard Law School but then rejected because of her gender, subsequently graduating from the University of California Berkley Law School. Her book, ‘States’ Laws on Race and Color’ was described by Thurgood Marshall as the bible for civil rights lawyers. Her writings also include a biography that details the racial prejudice suffered by her grandparents, and an autobiography.

Words By Pauli Murray

We are Spendthrifts with words,

           We squander them,

           Toss them like pennies in the air –

           Arrogant words,

           Angry words,

           Cruel words,

           Comradely words,

           Shy words tiptoeing from mouth to ear.


           But the slowly wrought words of love

           and the thunderous words of heartbreak

           Those we hoard 

Additional information about Pauli Murray:

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Smithsonian Video about Pauli Murray

A documentary on Amazon Prime, called “My Name is Pauli Murray” by the same filmmakers who made the documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.