Notable Residents

Regina T. Boyce: Chief Deputy Majority whip in MD House of Delegates

Mary Pat Clarke: First woman elected City-wide and a multitude of career achievements on the Baltimore City Council

Joseph Clarke of Baltimore, 83, died peacefully surrounded by family on February 10, 2024, only weeks after celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary with his wife Mary Pat.

Josh Cohen:  “University Homes” – who lived in your house?

Jay Chalfant: Resident of Cloverhill Rd for 56 years

Beau Dagenais:  Boys Latin teacher, dies unexpectedly December 2023

Mark Eisendrath: Artist, sculptor

Paul Flynn: Resident and owner in TCNA since 1929!

Kenna Forsyth: 45 years contributing to TCNA, recognized with an inscribed stone in the 39th St. TCNA garden

Jack G. Goellner: Former director of Johns Hopkins University Press and TCNA Newsletter Editor

Kirkland Hamill: Author of “Filthy Beasts”

Lane Harlan and Matthew Pierce open a new restaurant

John Davis Held: Painter recognized by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gard Jones: Sculptor new exhibition at The Delaware Contemporary

Lenny Kaplan: former owner of the Owl Bar and Polo Grill

Maggie McIntosh: one of the most consequential legislators in Baltimore City

Barbara Mikulski: longest-serving woman in Congress plus so many ‘firsts’

A. J. O’Brien: Long-time TCNA President, recognized with an inscribed stone in the 39th St. TCNA garden.

Anne Perkins: Consummate negotiator for the neighborhood

Fred Pincus author of “Confessions of a Radical Academic”

Odette Ramos: Baltimore’s first hispanic councilwoman represents our 14th district

John Shields: Culinary Champion of the Chesapeake, Gertrude’s owner and chef

David Steiner: Executive Director, Fordham Institute. Author of “A Nation at Thought: Restoring Wisdom in America’s Schools”

John A Talbott: Chair of Psychiatry UMD, author, Parisian food blogger

John Waters: Singular filmmaker, art collector, author and performer

Clair Zamoiski Segal: Fundraiser and Chair of the BMA Board of Trustees; recognized by the Baltimore Sun