Notable Residents

Regina T. Boyce: Chief Deputy Majority whip in MD House of Delegates

Mary Pat Clarke: First woman elected City-wide and a multitude of career achievements on the Baltimore City Council

Josh Cohen:  “University Homes” – who lived in your house?

Jay Chalfant: Resident of Cloverhill Rd for 56 years

Mark Eisendrath: Artist, sculptor

Paul Flynn: Resident and owner in TCNA since 1929!

Kenna Forsyth: 45 years contributing to TCNA, recognized with an inscribed stone in the 39th St. TCNA garden

Jack G. Goellner: Former director of Johns Hopkins University Press and TCNA Newsletter Editor

Kirkland Hamill: Author of “Filthy Beasts”

Lane Harlan and Matthew Pierce open a new restaurant

John Davis Held: Painter recognized by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gard Jones: Sculptor new exhibition at The Delaware Contemporary

Lenny Kaplan: former owner of the Owl Bar and Polo Grill

Maggie McIntosh: one of the most consequential legislators in Baltimore City

Barbara Mikulski: longest-serving woman in Congress plus so many ‘firsts’

A. J. O’Brien: Long-time TCNA President, recognized with an inscribed stone in the 39th St. TCNA garden.

Anne Perkins: Consummate negotiator for the neighborhood

Fred Pincus author of “Confessions of a Radical Academic”

Odette Ramos: Baltimore’s first hispanic councilwoman represents our 14th district

John Shields: Culinary Champion of the Chesapeake, Gertrude’s owner and chef

David Steiner: Executive Director, Fordham Institute. Author of “A Nation at Thought: Restoring Wisdom in America’s Schools”

John Waters: Singular filmmaker, art collector, author and performer

Clair Zamoiski Segal: Fundraiser and Chair of the BMA Board of Trustees; recognized by the Baltimore Sun