Notable Residents

Anne Perkins

Anne Perkins

Is it too much to say that Tuscany Canterbury would not be this lovely livable community if were not for resident Anne Perkins? … No

Anne moved from Guilford to Tuscany Road in 1990. This week she will be leaving our neighborhood. As we wish her all the best and as we invite her back for every block party and picnic, we must thank her for all that she has done for our neighborhood.

Shortly after Anne moved to Tuscany Canterbury residents found themselves in negotiations with Calvert School over their expansion. It was Anne who assisted the board of directors and pushed Calvert to agree to an understanding that any future changes or development had to have the agreement of the Tuscany Canterbury Community.


Fast forward to just a few years ago when Calvert acquired the woods across from Tuscany Road and went to the Baltimore City Planning Board for approval to add a field and fieldhouse. Neighbors followed then Co-Presidents of the Board, Anne Perkins and Linda Eberhart to strike a deal that allowed the sale but preserved the woods and privacy for homeowners.

Eight years ago, Anne joined neighbors to our north to clean and preserve a walking path along the Stony Run Creek past Wyndhurst. This fall a plan to create a safe walking path to our south across Wyman Park will be unveiled. Again, we have the tireless efforts of Anne to thank.

Not only did she use her skills to get community engagement and buy in, she lobbied to get State and City funding. With every hiccup or stumble by planners or contractors, Anne was on the phone to see the path project thru. We have her to thank for the new beautiful bridges over the Stony Run that give all of us and our dogs access to wide open spaces.

Thank you Anne for being a great neighbor, great friend, and leader in Tuscany Canterbury.

by Maggie McIntosh

PS – Anne’s cell phone and email address will remain the same!