Notable Residents

Mark Eisendrath

By Amy Mutch

This summer I was introduced to Mark Eisendrath when visiting a neighbor in the Tuscany/Lombardy and was instantly captivated by a wall sculpture hanging over her sofa. When I learned the artist was Mark Eisendrath and he lived in TCNA just down the street, I immediately scheduled an appointment to view his collection. The first floor serves as a perfect gallery while his spacious basement is where his creations take place. Tools of a carpenter are evident in his workspace as the tension between the organic and the geometric come together in beautiful ways. Fortunately, I was able to purchase a piece within my budget as I knew I wouldn’t be denied. Like most things in life, Mark’s back story makes the work speak in meaningful ways. Here is the link to Mark’s website, which includes his artist statement.

As a fan of Leonard Cohen, I immediately thought of lines from his song Anthem, “there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” and “you can add up the parts, but you won’t have the sum”. Simply said, I am a huge fan of Mark Eisendrath and I encourage you to take a look for yourself. The BMA expresses its respect for Mark in the following quote: