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Calvert Lower School: New Addition, 2023

The first part of the building project is to move some of the underground utility lines in the back of the lower school building. That work may start this week. It will likely take the majority of March.

Rough outline of project with some projected timeframes

  • Grading and foundation work – End of March – Mid May 2023
  • Setting the structural steel – Mid May 2023
  • Pouring the second floor slab – Late May 2023
  • Framing the exterior – Late May/Early June 2023
  • Exterior work – June and July 2023


The new addition will extend out to the smaller gym on the left, and it not as tall as our primary gym on the right.

March 2023

TCNA will direct all resident questions to Tom Travers at Calvert School through the liaison chair. The following information was provided to TCNA residents after inquiries were made regarding the project. Construction noise cannot be avoided but Calvert School will be following the city ordinances that no work can be conducted between the hours of 7pm-7am. No street closures are expected and all building materials will be stored on Calvert property.

April 2023

Calvert reports most of the preliminary electrical work is completed and the next phase should begin in the next two weeks. The area will be prepped for the foundation which involves removing the blacktop followed by laying the foundation. Installing the structural steel will follow and TCNA will be notified when that phase of the project nears.