About the Neighborhood

Woodcliffe Manor

Woodcliff Manor is part of the Broadview, sit across the street with an unobtrusive group of garden apartments. These apartments are located on the site of Woodcliffe, the country house of Richard Capron who was active in developing Roland Park and was the first president of the Roland Park Company in 1874.  In 1944, he sold it to Johns Hopkins University.

The building housed four of the Universities’ presidents, Isaiah Bowman, Detlev Bronk, Lowell Reed, Milton Eisenhower. When Eisenhower refused to live there, Woodcliffe was sold, demolished, and replaced by the garden apartments.

An adjacent property, originally part of Capron’s  Woodcliffe estate, also contained a magnificent house owned for a time by John C. Legg.  After his death in 1963, the house was demolished and replaced by the Hopkins House.