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Calvert School

Calvert School Lower School Building (2018)

Calvert School

Calvert School (1924)

Calvert School was not always located in Tuscany-Canterbury, nor was it always known as Calvert School.  In 1897 a small group of physicians, professors, and merchants promoted a “German Kindergarten,” based on the educational philosophy of Frederick Froebel, who empathized who motor skills, self-generated activity, and cooperative play.  Daniel Gilman, then president of Johns Hopkins University, was instrumental in finding Virgil Hillyer who became the first headmaster.  His vison and innovative philosophy of education, and teaching methods led to the Calvert School as we know it today.  Hillyer changed the name of the school to Calvert.  It outgrew the building on Chase Street by 1918 and moved to the “suburbs”.  The school purchased four lots for $21,000 at 200 40th Street.

Hillyer appointed his friend Lawrence Hall Fowler as architect for the new school.  Hillyer lobbied to change the street’s name from an undistinguished address To Tuscany Road.

2021 Kiddie Calvert

Towson-based Caves Valley Partners has signed its first round of leases at  Cross Keys, including Kiddie Calvert, run by the private Calvert School;

The private Calvert School, expanding with its first off-campus facility in the school’s nearly 125 year history, will open its second Kiddie Calvert early childhood center to accommodate about 100 children aged 10 weeks to 5 years old. Enrollment started fall of 2021, said Andrew Holmgren, the school’s headmaster.

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