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Street not plowed?

What do I do if my street is not plowed or salted in a snowstorm?

FIRST: If you DO NOT see a snowplow or salt truck within the first 24 hours when the snow starts, call 311 and let them know that your street has not been treated. (They will tell you that the problem will be solved in the next 24 hours… don’t be discouraged. Be sure to record the confirmation number. This is just the first step)

If no action after you get a confirmation number then email Councilwoman Odette Councilwoman Odette Ramos.  with SUBJECT LINE: SNOW.  Or call Odette at 410-396-4814 (o).  The office will follow-up with the Snow Call Center. BE SURE TO INCLUDE: Your name, your address, and the 311 Confirmation Number.