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Carjacking prevention

How to Prevent a Carjacking

Source Baltimore City Police Department- Northern District

  • Keep your windows rolled up while in motion
  • Keep your doors locked while in motion
  • Do not count money or show valuables while seated in vehicle
  • Keep your gas tank on at least half of a tank and maintain the pressure and wear on your tires.
  • Put valuables (ie..purse, computer, etc) in the trunk or at the least on the floor
  • Keep your garage or parking area well-lit and free of obstructions. Consider installing ground lights, solar lighting, hanging lights, or LED lighting along the length of your driveway, fence or foliage and parking garage
  • Map out the route and plan ahead for your trips. Appearing lost, asking for directions, distracted by mapping on your phone can be a tip off to potential criminals
  • Check your mirrors regularly for anyone that may be following you If you think someone is following, you go to a police station or other well traffic area 2201 W Coldspring Lane (Baltimore 21215).
  • When parking at a business, park as close to the entrance and where there is the most light. 25% of car jackings occur in parking lots. Do not engage in conversation on the phone or with other occupants in the vehicle while parked. Park, lock it and go in.
  • If in a parking garage, park as close as possible to the exit and back into the space.
  • When warming your car, only use the auto start function where the doors lock. If someone steals your vehicle with the keys in the vehicle, you can be cited with a fine.
  • Keep your cell phone or a GPS device on you at all times