Neighborhood Association

Bulk Trash


Residents must call 311 (do not use the app or online) to schedule your pick up. 

  • The collection will occur on Saturdays.
  • Each quadrant of the City will have a specific Saturday of the month when they can request bulk collection.
  • Scheduling bulk collection must be requested through 311 no later than 5 p.m. on the Thursday before the assigned quadrant collection day
  • The first 200 requests for bulk trash collection and the first 30 requests for white goods collection will be scheduled; requests received above this amount will be scheduled for the following month.
  • Residents are allowed to set out a total of 3 items.
  • Residents should NOT put out their bulk items prior to their Saturday collection until they have received confirmation of their collection.
  • Bulk Trash: How To Get Bulk Items Collected
  • Every month, Baltimoreans can place up to three items out for collection. One day per month is set aside for this collection. All citizens have to do is call 311 and tell them: your address, your telephone #, what 3 items you want picked up. Call three (3) or more working days before your scheduled date.
  • What is bulk?
  • Bulk items are furniture, appliances, and up to 4 tires with the rims removed. All items must be clearly marked “bulk collection,” and placed at the same location as regular trash pickup. Residents with a rear pickup should leave items at the end of the yard and leave the gate unlocked.
  • The following will NOT be collected
  • Building materials such as sheetrock, siding, wood pieces, or roofing.
  • Where and how should it be placed?
  • All items should be placed at the same location as regular trash. If you have a rear collection for trash, clearly mark all items and place them at the end of the yard and leave the gate unlocked.
  • If you have a problem
  • Call 311 or access 311 online by clicking here.
  • Solid waste dropoff locations