Kanom Coffee Bar

Kanom Coffee Bar

The new cafe in the neighborhood, Kanom, insists on food quality. All items are made from scratch daily. The four owners are Nicki, Jeff, Ann, and Mickey. Mickey is the chef. The cafe is open every day except Tuesday from 7AM until 5PM with both indoor and outdoor seating.

They are serving coffee, espresso, Thai iced tea and coffee, sodas, boxed sandwiches and salad, cake, pastry, croissants (butter, chocolate, almond, ham and cheese). Salads and hot made in-house sandwiches are coming soon. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they have additional special croissants for example tiramisu and cookies and cream.

Mickey, the chef, graduated from Culinary School for food and bakery in Thailand. He has worked in pastry shops including in Boston. This is his first ownership in business. Every day Mickey prepares his products at the work table behind a glass divider in the cafe. They encourage everyone to come to see the “show”.

Jeff is also a chef and business owner who has worked in hotels, cruise ships, and restaurants. Jeff is also an owner of two restaurants that will be opening soon, one in Fells Point and one in Towson, serving Thai food.

They are very excited to be in Tuscany Canterbury and look forward to meeting the neighbors.

  • Kanom Instagram @Kanomcafe.md if neighbors would like to follow them.
  • Web address www.Kanomcafe.com.
  • Contact: 443-708-8108.