New Cafe will open Friday August 18!


After being vacant for several  years, a new cafe called KANOM will open at the site of “Sam’s” in the Ambassador.

Kanom is Thai for a snack or sweet food made from flour. The owners, Niki and Ann, are both Thai. The plan is to serve drinks (coffee etc) and pastry and sandwiches.

They plan to open early for those who like their morning caffeine.

Opening is scheduled for Friday August 18th!

Sac au lait

Dubbed “Baltimore’s Finest in Dixieland”, they have been playing melodies from a bygone era in the Baltimore/DC area. The music is Dixieland, New Orleans, or Traditional Jazz. They bring plenty of youthful energy, mixing vocal and instrumental tunes to get people happy and dancing!
This music from the ’20s and ’30s is broad is perfect for the University Homes 100th Celebration.
The Sac Au Lait Band
  • Frank Donn (trumpet & vocals)
  • Rich Howard (trombone & vocals)
  • John Dierker (clarinet)
  • Frank Patinella (banjo & vocals)
  • Liz Prince (tuba)
  • David Polimene (drums)