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Mary Pat Clarke retires from City Council

December 8, 2020

Mary Pat Clarke has lived on Cloverhill Road for over 50 years, where she and husband Joe raised their four children. Tuscany-Canterbury has benefited from Mary Pat’s tireless efforts to fight for the neighborhood and making it easier for our concerns to be heard in government .Mary Pat has recently announced that she will not run for re-election that will begin on December 8, 2002. She sent the following letter to explain her decision.

May 6, 2019

Dear Neighbors, Friends, Supporters, Volunteers, and Teammates

I will not be seeking re-election for the City Council term which begins on December 8, 2020. This decision has been heart-wrenching for me, but the time has come to open the door to a new generation of City Council leadership to serve this most active, creative, and inclusive of City Council districts.

Thanks to your support and encouragement, I have been honored to serve in the City Council for 30 years since 1975: for two terms in the “old” 2nd District of Coalition fame, two terms as the first woman to serve as City Council President, and, since its inception in 2007, as the 14th District representative.

Despite losses and come-backs along the way, you have been generous in supporting my candidacies and in helping me strive for the best performance and outcomes in office.

Please be assured that, in these troubling and transitional times, I will continue to work diligently for the neighborhoods and constituents I am so proud to represent and will help see Baltimore City through to the stability, violence reduction, and educational achievement of that “better” Baltimore of Congressman Elijah Cummings’ recent call to action.

I write now, because The Primary Election for Mayor and City Council — and President of the United States — is just a year away, on April 28, 2020. And in Baltimore, that Primary determines the General Election outcomes in November. Our 14th District voters and potential candidates deserve this intervening year to get to know each other.

Thank you for your special role as a member of the extended family for which my gratitude and affection will ever endure. May we share in the joy of the “better” days forthcoming and continue together to achieve them.


December 8, 2020