About the Neighborhood

Warrenton Road, Northern boundary of Tuscany Canterbury

Edward Bouton, developer and promoter of Roland Park and Guilford, wanted to connect his two prestigious suburbs.  The streets from Warrenton to Cold Spring Lane became the bridge between these two neighborhoods.  Houses on both sides of Warrenton Road belong to Guilford.  Tuscany-Canterbury begins in Warrenton’s backyards.  Beautiful woods exist with foxes, owls, deer, and other wildlife.  Great waves of daffodils and bluebells cover it in the spring.  A family of yellow-crowned night herons had residence in the woods and begun fishing in the Stony Run.

The woods extended all the way to Tuscany Road as part of 33 Warrenton Road.  The woods were subdivided from the home on Warrenton in 2017.  The 2.7 acres of the Warrenton Road was sold to Calvert School in 2018 for 2.5 million dollars.  1.7 acres that is located along the 200 block of Tuscany Road was designated as a permanent Forest Conservation Easement in 2021 by Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.

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