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The Tuscany Cooperative (1918)

Tuscany Cooperative

The Tuscany was the second apartment designed in an Italian Renaissance style of brick and terracotta for $55K.  The Tuscany utilized the “open court” design that developed as apartment houses appeared in the suburbs, where space was plentiful and land relatively less expensive. It contained maid and servants’ quarters primarily in the basement.  To fit in covered parking, he built a one-story esplanade in front that allowed residents to enter the building at the middle level.  Friz and his family lived in a two-story apartment off the garden.  He sold the apartment to the Tuscany Lombardy Community Cooperative in 1920 for approximately $500 (close to $6 million in today’s dollars).


(Information assembled by Jillian Storms, AIA for Baltimore Heritage Inc. Walking Tour in May 2019)