About the Neighborhood

Home of Laurence Hall Fowler (1925)


In 1925 Fowler finally built a house for himself and his bride at 10 West Highfield Road.  Fowler married Mary Colt Josephs in 1926, though they probably knew each other many years before.  If any of the Fowler designs can be named “eclectic” it is this one—the most Arts and Crafts of any of Fowler’s commissions.  The house is close to the road, but surrounded by a jungle of trees, bushes, and greenery that ends in the little stream that separates Highfield Road from Oak place.  The multi-level interior, with its interesting use of space and materials, is utterly delightful. It is a house with which one falls in love.  When Fowler lived in his house on Highfield Road, he was in the midst of a cluster of his own creations, two on Oak Place, and one on Tuscany Road, as well as the Calvert School.