About the Neighborhood

History – Late 19th Century

Original plat for Canterbury and Cloverhill Rds

The Late 19th Century

Residents cultivated about half the land and the rest remained forest. This was truly a rural countryside.  The transition from rural to suburban was well underway and it fostered by the growth of streets, railroads, and other forms of transportation.

  • Canterbury and Cloverhill was laid out into 35 lots.
  • The Colonnade now occupies the tract that was labeled, the A. Gaddes Estate.
  • Along Stony Run a millrace provided power for the Paradise Mill.
  • A narrow-gauge railroad ran along the Stony Run.
  • A quarry was close to Merryman’s Lane.
  • Along Melrose (now Canterbury) were six small farms and about twenty houses and outbuildings.
  • Half-dozen large mansions existed along Charles Street north of Merryman’s Lane.