About the Neighborhood

4000 N. Charles Street, Highfield House

4000 N Charles Street, Everbright Estate (1880’s), Highfield  House (Built 1965)

The Everbright estate lasted somewhat longer than other mansions on Charles Street before making way for the Highfield House. Everbright was on a four-acre tract, bordering on Highfield (then Ash) and extending from Charles Street to Canterbury Road, large enough for a barn, two cows, a garden, and a carriage house.  The backyards of Everbright and other estates on that block were sold to George Morris.  George Morris the developer who built the central core of the neighborhood.

The Highfield House was built in 1965 and has 165 apartments (now condominiums) occupies fifteen floors with underground parking and an outdoor pool.

More information about the Highfield House, a National Historic Building

Highfield House