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One World Cafe

For those interested in a full range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, fish for carnivores, home-made baked goods, expresso coffee, smoothies, and a full bar open late, One World Café is a good bet. There is a Sunday brunch, a happy hour, and al fresco dining. It even has fresh organic produce and grocery items for sale. It has something for everyone, including good prices and customer service.

One World Cafe
2021 reported by Amy Mutch in the TCNA Newsletter


Cindy and Sue Novak are sisters and co-owners of One World Café (100 W. University Pkwy) since 2000. The sisters were raised in the neighborhood of Gardenville in Baltimore City. Sue started as the chef in 2000 when Isabelle Curry had the vision of transforming a pharmacy into a vegetarian restaurant, the first in Baltimore. Health promotion through food was taking root. Sue helped design and build out the space and Cindy followed two years later and never looked back!

To begin with Cindy loves the neighborhood and all aspects of running a business. Saying that after a horrendous year speaks volumes to her commitment. The desire to bring back employees is foremost in her mind as they reduced from thirty-two to four with some having worked for twenty years. Strong relationships with employees, neighbors, customers, and farmers are expressed with such enthusiasm that one can’t help but cheer on their recovery. Cindy has added organic fresh produce to sell and visits the farms in Maryland herself to collect product to bring into the city. A list of the farms represented currently is provided below but will continue to expand as harvests permit. Look for strawberries and blueberries soon. Cindy loves to praise her sister’s culinary talents boasting that she can take any four vegetables and create a dish “to die for”. Pescatarians will find tuna on the menu and vegan dishes are plentiful to accommodate dietary preferences. The creativity is not only expressed in the food but fun gatherings that include: trivia night, music BINGO, wine/beer tastings, and pierogi feasts!

Multiple offers to franchise have been declined in the past for the obvious reason that it is all too personal for them as owners. The Coronavirus has brought us and the world to our knees in many ways but recovery and health promotion is being realized daily and One World Café exemplifies that path to wellness.

Current hours of operations are Wednesday through Sunday from 10am-6pm but expanded service is anticipated in the near future. The list of farms as follows:

Misty Creek Farm; Daily Crisis Farm; Rousedale Farm; Springfield Farm; Deep Creek Lavender Farm