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New Board and Officers Elected at TCNA General Meeting – June 4, 2019

OFFICERS 2019-2020

  • Co-Presidents:
 *Andrew and Luciene Parsley* (Tuscany Road)
  • Vice President: Garth Thompson (Ridgemede Road)
  • Past Presidents: Anne Perkins and Linda Eberhart (Tuscany Road)
  • Treasurer: Bill Bass (Cloverhill Road)
  • Secretary: Alison Moliterno* (Cloverhill Road)


  • *Bonnie Boland* (The Colonnade, Canterbury Road)
  • Ann Christopher (Tuscany Court)
  • Julia Frazier (Canterbury Road)
  • Paul and Maria Gallo (Tuscany Court)
  • Hannah Mazo (Ridgemede Condo, Ridgemede Road)
  • Rosalyn Mansouri (Winthrop House, Charles Street )
  • Jo-Ann Orlinsky (St. James, Charles Street)
  • *Rose Reis and Brian Weeks* (Cloverhill Road)
  • Steve Summers (Ridgemede Road)
Chris Whitaker (Tuscany Road)

*New officers or board members.
If you see two family members listed they have agreed to share one position on the board.



  • Sue Talbot for over 14 years of service on the board and as president
  • Ron Shultz for serving as secretary for the past two years
  • Mona Mohammed as webmaster
  • Brooke Murdock, Dave Baker, and Gretchen Anderson for being active members of the TCNA board